If you’re like many people, you want to start the week ahead with as little chaos as humanly possible. The problem is—sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Monday mornings come way too soon and we usually hit the snooze at least once in the morning. To help you out, here are 10 tips to prepare for the week ahead.

  1. Don’t procrastinate. This is a tough one, but if you can get things done prior to starting at 6pm on Sunday night, it will eliminate a lot of your stress.
  2. Get all laundry done. Have all the laundry washed, dried and put away by the end of the weekend. This is a big stress reliever. You do this and you won’t have to spend that hour Monday morning trying to find something to wear, only to realize the outfit you had in mind—is in the dirty clothes.
  3. Lay out your outfits for the week. With all your laundry finished, you will be able to lay out the outfits for the week. Have them hanging in a section of your closet or folded in a specific spot.
  4. Weekly grocery shopping finished. Having everything from your weekly grocery list in house, will make a smooth transition towards meal prep for the week.
  5. Prepare freezer meals in advance. Some recipes can be prepared in advance and frozen for easy access on busy nights.
  6. If it’s a particularly busy week, slow-cook some meals. Have at least two or three meals as a go-to crockpot recipe for those extremely busy weeks. Prepare what you can the night before. In the morning, dump it in the slow-cooker and set the timer on low. When you get home—you have dinner.
  7. Make lunches ahead of time. Depending on what you are planning for lunch, you can prepare at least Monday’s lunch ahead of time; saving precious time come Monday morning.
  8. Gas up the vehicle. Start Monday off with a full tank of gas—enough said.
  9. Mentally prepare for Monday. If possible, reserve Sunday evenings after dinner, to wind down. As you probably know, the weekends can also take a lot out of you. Even though the time spent on the weekends is different than our work week, they can still be just as busy—if not busier. Soak, read a little, whatever you need to do to mentally sooth and prepare yourself for the week ahead.
  10. Get to sleep early. After you wind down, if you are not in bed already—get to bed a little earlier.

Hopefully this helps you to get a fresh start to the week ahead. Good Luck…and you are welcome! 😉