We all know the importance of staying physically active, but many may not know that keeping ourselves mentally fit is a choice we should make as well. Here we will talk about ways to do that with 3 tips to keeping your mind active.

The effects of aging are visibly apparent, from the elasticity of our skin to the slower pace we get around, and even though our minds may not be a dead giveaway of our age, it’s not immune to the aging affects either. Sure, we have moments here and there where we may forget what we were about to say or the name of someone we just met—that’s normal no matter what age we are, but the older we get, the more frequent those “senior moments” can become.

Old age is not something most people look forward to and the thought that we may eventually need assistance of some sort is downright scary. So just like exercising our bodies, we need to also exercise our minds. How do we do that?

  1. Eat right and rest. Have you ever heard, “You are what you eat”? Well there is truth to that saying. Having a healthy and well-balanced food intake is key to physical and mental health. Certain food that are high in Omega 3, such as fish, are a recommended main dish every week. The word, diet, is a bad word to me, so just keeping it balanced by making healthy food choices, while not over-eating or eating junky is the way to go. Also, make sure not to drastically decrease your food intake in efforts to lose weight. When we deprive ourselves of needed nutrients, it will affect our mental focus and clarity—in addition to having a negative impact on us physically. Rest is also huge! Without the proper amount of sleep, we will also lack focus and the ability to think straight.
  2. Talk to people. In the digital age, it is so easy to check out social media and feel like we caught up with someone or send them a quick text. We can get into a habit of isolation when we don’t make the effort to converse with someone over the phone or in person and engage on a social level.
  3. Challenge your mind. Make sure not to spend time watching TV. Instead, do something that will stimulate your mind. A quick internet search will result in many free online brain games that you can do to keep your mind engaged. There are also apps for that.

To sum it all up: Challenge yourself mentally, eat well, rest and have more get-togethers!