Even when we manage our time like a boss, it can be hard to accomplish our tasks within the waking hours of a week. However, this week puts a spotlight on our fitness, reminding us to be vigilant in our pursuit to stay active—yes, even when time is tight. Here are 5 ways to squeeze exercise into a busy week.

  1. Many people forego the break for lunch and opt to eat at their desk while they work. How about—if at all possible—we take advantage of that break? Not only eating, but adding a little activity to it by heading to a park with a light lunch. You can bring rollerblades, walking shoes or a bike for afterwards. Maybe see if a co-worker wants to come with to add to the fun?


Tip: Next time you’re out running errands, you can grab a Frisbee for a few dollars or find tennis rackets for a cheap price and in good condition at a resale shop—those are always good to keep in the trunk of the car.


Don’t have an hour lunchbreak or a park nearby? Have a healthy pre-workout smoothie and take a walk or quick run.


The big idea is that work is work and you have breaks for a reason—so use them. Unless there is a big deadline and it is crunch time, don’t make a habit of eating at your desk.


  1. Increase walking. If you live close to stores, work or school—walk. Not only does walking improve strength, it also has many other benefits. It lowers your blood pressure and helps reduce stress; reduces risk for type 2 diabetes; and the fresh outdoors helps those who suffer from depression by heightening our mood and lifting our spirits. Based on the weather or if safety is a factor, walk laps indoors or the stairs (for multi-level buildings) on your breaks.


Tip: If driving, park farther away to add to your steps; and always opt for the stairs rather than the elevator. When walking—always be aware of your surroundings and carry something for safety, such as pepper spray or keep keys in between your fingers.


  1. Deskercise. If you spend most of your time at your desk, don’t let that stop you from being active. Some ideas: try using a coreball for a chair; use 5 lb. weights or a resistance band while reading; or do chair/stair dips. A quick search online will result in lots of deskercises to choose from (granted, some may bring increased embarrassment if done in a room of co-workers—but nevertheless).

Tip: Remember to get up every hour to stretch your legs. Refill your water bottle, visit a coworker rather than emailing, do some lunges or jumping jacks—whatever works for you in your space.

  1. Keep it moving while viewing. Ok, so we all have a choice to make in our “free time”. Do we catch up on our favorite show or exercise? To be honest—exercise would lose over The Voice. So, do both! Clear some space, roll in the core ball and keep it moving while you watch. Crunches, wall push-ups, planks, some jumping jacks; whatever you feel like.
  2. Make a get-together active. Making time for friends is extremely important and so is exercising. Combine the two! Instead of meeting for drinks or over food all the time—make it active. Meet for a hike, biking, dancing, tennis, walking down main street while you window shop; there are lots of options.

Stay safe, make time for fun and live well!