A- Assess what you’re dealing with.

A decision-making process that starts with understanding exactly what you’re dealing with by assessing the situation is a solid strategy.

Have you have taken an at-home pregnancy test that turned up a positive result? A lab-quality pregnancy test, administered by a licensed medical professional, is truly the best way to know with the most accuracy that you’re pregnant. At-home tests are easily accessible and usually inexpensive, but they don’t give you the most accurate results that you need to make a good decision.

Do you know if you might have a miscarriage? It’s more common than you probably think. The best way to access if the pregnancy might not carry to term is through a limited ultrasound that can see if the pregnancy is developing normally or might be preparing your body to miscarry.

What is the status of your sexual health? An active STI or STD can have detrimental effects on your future if you don’t get tested and treated before an abortion procedure appointment. Address what may be a minor issue now with an STI by having it diagnosed and treated so it doesn’t turn into a much bigger problem later.

B- Breathe in and breathe out.

Because I have the best information yet! There’s a women’s pregnancy health clinic that you can go to and get all of these things done at a quick one-hour appointment for the absolute best price in town!

It’s part of our free pre-abortion screenings that we offer to all women considering abortion in the Rhode Island area.

C- Contact us today!

As we state in our Dear Future Patient article, “When it comes to your health and your future, YOU need to make a decision that YOU know without any doubts is best for YOU, which is perfect, because WE believe in YOU!”  Call us at 401.257.6378 or schedule an appointment online with us today!