As a private women’s center in RI, Women from all over Rhode Island come to our center seeking abortion information when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and exploring their options. With so many women from RI traveling to our center, it’s clear women want better services than a big-name chain can provide for them.

We know we’re different as a private women’s center in RI! Now you can know too!

Can we start with one of my favs?

  1. OUR SERVICES ARE FREE! Yes, Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

From pre-abortion screenings to STI testing for women considering an abortion procedure—We provide all of these services to you FREE of charge, because we are a non-profit health clinic, supported by the community! Just as we share in our Dear Potential Patient blog, “When it comes to your health and your future, YOU need to make a decision that YOU know without any doubts is best for YOU, which is perfect, because WE believe in YOU!” With free services, you can truly experience the freedom of making decisions that aren’t tied to your budget or ours. We do not profit off any choice that you make, which keeps our intentions honorable through the entire process. We truly want what’s best for you!


  1. Free Services are GREAT, but how about SAME-DAY appointment availability?

There’s no need to sacrifice great quality of services when getting something for free with us. Many women’s clinics don’t have the capacity for same-day appointments, because they’re running a business and need to maximize their staff’s time when they’re on the clock. Their schedules often resemble overbooked flights to Fiji, with too many patients jampacked in a day for the number of staff they have scheduled.

We manage our schedule very differently, extending evening appointments when needed and working with you to get you in as quickly as possible. We understand that when you’re putting an abortion plan together, timing is a very important factor that may decide which abortion procedure that is available for you.


  1. Free services, quick appointment scheduling, AND AN AMAZING WAITING ROOM EXPERIENCE?

I’ve had friends who have waited in an abortion clinic’s waiting room to have an initial consultation to go over her options. She sat there for over 3 HOURS and got up and left without being seen! She said it was excruciatingly painful to look around that crowded room, worried that she might know someone else there and then have to explain herself. Look, your unplanned pregnancy situation is a private one and should be respected as such. Hanging out in a crowded waiting room full of people doesn’t allow for much privacy. We can check you in quickly and escort you back to a private waiting room where you’ll meet our licensed professional staff who will help you understand the entire picture with all the options available to you.


Our women’s center believes you deserve the absolute very best when you’re going through an unplanned pregnancy and exploring your options. We do not profit from any decision you make, so it’s easy to see why a non-profit women’s clinic that isn’t part of a chain has your best interest at <3. Schedule an appointment with us today!