“Can I have an abortion in RI without my parents knowing?”—It’s definitely the question our patients have been asking the most lately. In order for a minor to have an abortion in Rhode Island, parental consent by a parent or guardian is required.

However, what most minors don’t know — if you’re a minor who is seeking abortion services, you can schedule an appointment with us to discuss your current pregnancy situation and information about abortion in RI without your parents, before you share about your pregnancy with them.

Additionally, you may not know that up to half of all pregnancies may result in a miscarriage. *Why freak your family out about an abortion when you may not even have one? And, as we’ve mentioned on our blog before, we’ve seen women who have had positive pregnancy tests and EMPTY gestational sacs, meaning NOTHING is growing inside that “pregnancy.” This medical condition is called a blighted ovum, and it’s fairly common. Our free pre-abortion screening services will check for any abnormalities like this that may cause you to naturally miscarry.

So what’s the next step? Schedule your free pre-abortion screening with our licensed medical professionals who promise to respect your privacy and help you walk down this unfamiliar path. We even have afterschool appointments available for those still in school.  Schedule today.


Want to know more about what we cover in our pre-abortion screenings? Be sure to check out our Abortion Checklist.