Dear Potential Patient Seeking Abortion in RI,

When looking for abortion clinics in RI, you may see a ton of information for unplanned pregnancy options, and you may be thinking, “I know what I want. I want an abortion. I don’t need to know about any other options. I just can’t have a kid right now.” If this is your situation, I’m writing directly to you.

If you know you want an abortion in RI and you’re putting an abortion plan together, we’re ready to step in and help you on your journey to making the best choice for you and your situation. The next step is to address our Abortion Checklist items:

  • Pregnancy confirmation with a lab-quality pregnancy test
  • Pregnancy viability check (Don’t pay for an abortion that is going to end in a miscarriage)
  • STD/STI pre-abortion check

These services are part of our pre-abortion screenings and are provided to you at NO-CHARGE, because we’re a non-profit women’s clinic that cares for every woman we serve who is considering abortion in the Rhode Island area.

You may also feel like you need some additional information on abortion procedures and costs, because you don’t have any insurance coverage for an abortion. We can help walk you through that information as well. The most common questions we receive revolve around the abortion pill or RU-486. You will receive information on this abortion procedure during a quick one-hour appointment with our licensed medical staff during your pre-abortion screening.

When it comes to your health and your future, YOU need to make a decision that YOU know without any doubts is best for YOU, which is perfect, because WE believe in YOU!

Call 401-941-4357 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment.


Yours Truly,

The Staff at Harmony Women’s Care Center

P.S. Want to know more information about why a pre-abortion screening is so important? Check this out!