“Be healthy.  Meal prep.  Drink water.  Organize your items.  Be prepared.”  These are all things we are constantly being told.  Personally, I have found it extremely difficult to do any of those items with a messy kitchen.   Messy kitchen, messy mind, messy life.  So, what do I do?  Declutter the kitchen of course!  I don’t want a messy mind or life!  Here’s what I do:

  • Tackle the task with a positive attitude. (Especially when dealing with the junk drawer!)  When cleaning my kitchen, I find that I am often impatient at times.  Specifically, when dealing with the major clutter, I have to clear my mind and make sure my thoughts are in the right place.  This helps me stay calm and not get distracted.
  • Realize it takes time. Organizing the kitchen seems like a small task.  However, it is a rather tall task if you want to do it right.  I make sure that I allow myself a reasonable amount of time when I set out to organize my kitchen.
  • Buy an organizer! Another one of my messy kitchen spaces would be my spice cabinet.  After many years, I realized that a spinning organizer was just what I needed!  Not only does it give each of my spice a place in the cabinet, but it also makes them all easily accessible when I need them.
  • If you forgot you had it, and you aren’t sure when you’d use it…. Throw it out! Part of decluttering is knowing what you don’t need, and getting rid of it.  I promise, it is a great tip!

Remember:  your kitchen is an important place.  The kitchen is a place where we should always know where to find stuff.  With a cluttered kitchen… it’s hard to not be hangry!