Friendsgiving— The perfect chance to invite all of your besties to hang out and celebrate kicking off the holidays in style with fabulous food and festive décor with your favorite people! So what exactly does it take to start this tradition?

✓ Choose the hostess with the mostest… cleaning skills that is. Some friends are fine with living among pizza boxes and Xbox controllers, but for this event you want someone to host that loves cleaning and organizing for your special day. Choose your neat-freak friend for this task.

✓ Talk to each other to determine a date and time that works for everyone. Using a free online scheduling tool like doodle may be the easiest option. Your bossy assertive friend is probably the best person to organize this task from start to finish. (Just make sure you give your always late friend a time with a little wiggle room <wink, wink>)

✓ Designate the turkey chef. Turkey cooking is not for everyone, and since it’s the focal point of the dinner, it shouldn’t be left in the hands of the least experienced. Choose your most responsible friend for this task.

✓ Games anyone? People tend to have strong feelings about playing games vs. just enjoying dinner conversations. You know your circle of friends the best, so plan accordingly. Cruising around on social media will give you plenty of ideas if you decide to let loose and laugh it up with your friends. You would probably guess that the jokester of the group would be the best person to choose for this task, but the truth is we all know that the jokester of the group should never manage any task for an event. (Don’t be sad. We still love you anyways, jokesters.)

✓ Work with the host to have some fun with decorations and creating the ambiance for the event. Consider developing a playlist with some memorable music. Creative souls of the group, now’s your chance to shine!

✓ Divvy up responsibilities on who’s bringing what to eat. Make sure you have all of your bases covered so you don’t wind up with 8 salads but no pumpkin pies! (Gasp!) Probably best to bring that bossy… I’m sorry—assertive friend back to manage this task as well.

Now who’s ready to start planning for a Thanksgiving gathering with your friends?