We always hear that walking is important and has so many benefits.  I don’t think that anyone ever doubts that it is important, but what seems to get in the way are all the distractions from our everyday lives.  You’d think with all of the hustle and bustle it would be easier to run in between meetings and get our exercise there… but unfortunately with elevators instead of stairs, and getting taxis instead of walking places, it’s difficult to get your steps in throughout the day.  Here are some ways to make sure that you are walking each day:

  • Take the long way around with your pup. If you have a dog, they will have to use the bathroom at least several times a day.  So, take them a bit further down the road than you normally do.  Just add a couple extra minutes, and you can gain some additional steps there.
  • Park far away. We always fight to find the closest parking spot every place we go, whether it be the grocery store, our hair appointment, restaurant, work, everywhere!  However, if we change our mindset, and we look for spots that are further away, we will force ourselves to add a couple more steps into our daily routine.
  • Get the mail. Does your roommate normally get the mail?  Is that her chore?  Well, if you’d like to take that off her plate, and get some more steps, just tell her you’d be happy to walk out and get the mail every day.  It takes 3 minutes and you are moving to get there!
  • Find a buddy – make a plan. Since spring is near, and warmer weather is on the horizon, find a friend and make a weekly appointment with them.  Text or call them now so they can hold you accountable.  You don’t have to go every day… just start out going once a week.  It is better than nothing!

Just get out and move!  That is all you need to do.  Don’t even think about it.  Just get to walking… your mind will clear and you will have more peace.