While we’ve covered the topic of abortion options in a previous blog, “I think I am pregnant… what are my options for abortion?”, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the abortion pill in RI is a preferred alternative that many women are choosing over surgical abortion. Maybe that’s partially due to abortion pill costs in comparison to the cost of an abortion at a later stage, like with a surgical abortion.

For you to begin making an abortion plan, you must clearly know exactly how far along you are with your pregnancy to evaluate what abortion procedures are available to you. Pregnancy dating, or examining how far along you are, is accomplished with a simple ultrasound exam that we can do at our clinic as part of a free pre-abortion screening. There are other reasons to have this exam checked off your abortion checklist when putting together your abortion plan, you can find that info here.

Perhaps your motivation for researching terminating the pregnancy with an abortion pill in RI or with RU-486 isn’t about the cost of an abortion, but is more about a timing issue. We often hear from our patients that they just want to “get this taken care of… and fast.” The abortion pill seems like a quick and easy way to make that happen. We can talk through those details with you at your appointment with our licensed medical staff so you can know exactly what you can expect in the days that lead up to and following an abortion procedure. Schedule your appointment today.


As we state in our Dear Future Patient article, “When it comes to your health and your future, YOU need to make a decision that YOU know without any doubts is best for YOU, which is perfect, because WE believe in YOU!”