• You’re pregnant and simply don’t want to be. 

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for options to terminate in Rhode Island, there are definitely some steps you want to take to ensure you have the best plan for you. You can find our checklist here! 

  • You don’t want anything to show up on your insurance statement about your pregnancy.  

Many women ask, “Will abortion show up on my insurance?” They’re worried about anything showing up in the mail that might tip their parents off to their unplanned pregnancy. Because all of our services are free, you’ll never have to worry about insurance even knowing you came to see us. 

  • You need a private place in Providence to discuss the abortion pill without any pressure or bias. 

We can talk through those details with you at your appointment with our licensed medical staff so you can know exactly what you can expect in the days that lead up to and following taking the abortion pill.  

As we state in our Dear Future Patient article, “When it comes to your health and your future, YOU need to make a decision that YOU know without any doubts is best for YOU, which is perfect, because WE believe in YOU!”