You took the home pregnancy test.  3 times.  And now you have decided your next step is to go to an abortion clinic.  But before making that appointment, there are 5 great reasons why your first stop should be Harmony Women’s Care Center.

  1. Harmony offers pregnancy evaluations for FREE.

A pregnancy evaluation is a quick, one-hour appointment that includes all the info you need to determine your next steps. Our nurse will perform a urine test to check for pregnancy hormones in your system.

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  1. An ultrasound is the next step.

A limited ultrasound will check to make sure you are really pregnant.  This is important because up to 20% of early pregnancies end on their own.  Why pay for an abortion if you don’t have to?

  1. You need to know how far along you are before booking an abortion appointment.

The type of abortion you might be eligible for depends on how many weeks pregnant you are.  Pregnancy symptoms are not the best way to tell.  An ultrasound is much more accurate.  We offer this service free of charge as part of our pregnancy evaluation appointment.

  1. It is crucial to know if you have an STI (STD) and get treatment before having an abortion.

Having an active STI during an abortion can greatly increase the chance of major complications.  We test for chlamydia and gonorrhea, two of the most common and treatable STIs.  If your test is positive, we can offer free treatment.

  1. Harmony offers pregnancy evaluation services free of charge.

Most abortion clinics in RI charge for pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.  Harmony offers these services free of charge. We are a community supported non-profit and have no financial stake in the outcome of your decision. Give us a call at 401-941-4357 or click HERE to book an appointment.