Waking up seems to be a struggle most days, right?  Especially when the air outside of our covers is so chilled.  I have found that I can actually make my mornings easier by preparing the night before.  Intrigued on how?  Here are my secrets:

  1. Meal prep. Packing lunches are always time consuming, and figuring out what you’ll bring each day takes a lot of time as well.  I have found that meal prepping on Sunday nights and laying out my meals for the week saves me a ton of time each morning when I am grabbing my lunch for the day.
  2. Put your clothes in a pile. I have found that setting out my clothes for the next day helps save tremendous amounts of time for me.  If I don’t have my outfit laid out for me, I spend so much time dancing around in my closet staring at all of my clothes.  Goodness that is overwhelming!
  3. Coffee makes a lot of things easier.  I make sure that my coffee pot is ready to brew the night before.  Right before I crawl into bed, I get my coffee ready so in the morning I just have to turn the coffee pot on and it is already prepped to brew for me.
  4. Set a routine. Everything is easier when you have a routine.  My routine looks like this and I try my best NOT to stray away from it: wake up, check my phone, take my dog out, wash my face, do my makeup, feed the dog, water the dog, put my lunch in my lunch bag and place it by my purse, pour my coffee and place it by my purse, finish getting ready, get dressed, and out the door I go.  Routines are key for me.  Do you have a routine that helps you get out of the door faster each morning?  If so, you keep doing you!

We are all about working smarter, not harder… so set yourself up for success!