As young women, we are often encouraged to travel, explore, go where life takes us, and not be afraid of anything new that might come our way.  A lot of times, we take this advice and live day by day and hope to figure it out.  Even more often, we follow this guidance, take unexpected turns, and end up treading in uncharted waters.

Have you found yourself in this situation?  Maybe you moved to a new town, found out you’re pregnant, you are alone, and now you’re absolutely terrified.

You may be having the following thoughts:

  • “I can’t afford to be pregnant right now.”
  • “Even if I wanted to be pregnant, I can’t even provide for myself.”
  • “I need to get an abortion.”
  • “Maybe I want to parent.”
  • “What if adoption is the best option?”
  • “Is there a best option?”
  • “What in the world am I going to do?”
  • “I have no idea where to go for help.”
  • “I know no one.”
  • “I need help.”
  • “What are my options?”

I know you hear this all the time, but I promise… you are not alone.  Walk with me through the following steps and we can work this out together.

#1. It is so important to realize that you have options!  There are three options that come with any unplanned pregnancy: abortion, parenting and adoption.  Depending on your current life situation and happenings, one of the three options is likely the best choice for you.  We can absolutely help you understand your options.  All of our services are 100% confidential and free.

       *There is no “best” option.  Each woman has a unique situation, and we understand that what is best for one woman, is not necessarily best for you.

#2. While you try to understand your options, you need to know what each option looks like financially.  Again, we can answer these questions for you!

#3. You might not know anyone, and that is okay.  We are women, just like you, and strive to empower you and assist you with whatever you need at this time in your life.

We might not have solved all of your problems in this blog, but we are absolutely here waiting to help you get through whatever life has thrown your way.  Have questions?  We would be happy to help!