We can all use a little pick-me-up every once in a while! Here’s what we do when we need to get our mood boosted in a quick minute!

  1. Grab that sweet smelling hand lotion you picked up at the store for a little midday pampering. Be sure to toss it in your purse, your desk, or another place that’s always nearby. A sweet smelling moisturizer can be just the thing to make you feel relaxed and pampered when you need to lift your spirits!
  2. Reach for that g-u-m. Studies have shown that chewing gum can help you relax and calm anxieties. This definitely is a recipe for a chance at a better mood!
  3. Slip on some fruity lip gloss! Shiny, yummy smelling lips are bound to make smiling easier!
  4. Light a vanilla candle and melt away your bad mood. Vanilla has been recognized by psychologists as having the tendency to promote relaxation while the scent fills the space around us.
  5. Turn on the music. But now’s not the time for metal even if it’s your usual thing. You don’t want anything that might encourage your angst. How about something that caused you to laugh with friends throughout the years? Virtual time travel is nearly possible with the right playlist in hand thanks to memories being so closely tied to music over time.

Try one or try them all! Share your favorite tip with your friends!