If you think back to the days of your childhood for a minute, it’s likely that you remember enjoying lots of different types of activities. From going on walks in the park, to ballet practice, to soccer games, to coloring books, to chess and checkers, kids have tons of activities designed for them to hone their skills in athletics, art, academics, and the list goes on. We all benefited from this wide variety of activity because it helped us to figure out what we are good at, and what we enjoy. It helped us to develop confidence, creativity, and important life skills. But now we have reached a new phase in life: adulthood. With adulthood comes responsibility, sacrifice, and in general less free time and less “me” time. Suddenly we start doing boring adult things that our childhood versions of ourselves would have been horrified to see us choosing like… napping!! For many of us, it seems like we never stop and if we do get a minute all we want to do is “netflix and chill.”


This article is to remind you to make time for yourself! And to use that time well! It’s entirely possible and more important than we sometimes realize. It does require a bit of planning ahead but the end result is worth it. Multiple studies show that making time for hobbies and leisure activities improve overall psychological and physiological health.  Hobbies and other activities that give us a break from work and pull us out of real life are beneficial in so many ways. Here are just a few ways that they help to inspire you to make sure to make time for those activities that you love!

  1. They give us something to look forward to. Adulthood and work can sometimes start to feel mundane, but somehow it helps to get through those tedious moments when you have a hike to look forward to on Saturday!
  2. They are an outlet for us to de-stress. I don’t know about you but I can’t remember being stressed as a child. Making time for recreation and hobbies allows us to capture that carefree feeling once again!
  3. Knitting and wood-working projects, intramural sports leagues, yoga classes.. these are something for us to think and worry about besides work and paying bills.


Maybe you don’t currently have a hobby, but you used to play the piano back in elementary school. Now’s the time! Make time for yourself and for those things that make you grin like an eager little kid!


By Colleen McCrum