The Search for Self Abort Info

There’s all kinds of information about natural abortion and how to self abort online. However, we’re thankful that you stumbled upon our information. While some groups and forums have well-meaning intentions to give you tips on everything from how to bake the most delicious apple pie for an upcoming gathering at your home to how to knit your own stunning infinity scarf, advice and tips about your health should never be heeded online without checking in with medical professionals first.

DIY (do-it-yourself) abortion information is on the rise, and it doesn’t take much searching to find all sorts of home remedies, consisting of supplements and herbs that are supposed to help you with an at-home abortion. However, what you really need to know is that these ingredients they’re talking about are still drugs and chemicals that are being suggested for you to put in your body. The wrong combination can harm you. Your body shouldn’t be treated like some kind of science experiment from high school. You desperately need to know that self-induced abortions and herbal abortions can cause very serious or even fatal complications.

Trying to create a miscarriage and additionally, buying misoprostol or “miso” off the black market is illegal. The latter is a topic that would cover an entire blog on its own, but let’s just briefly touch on that for now. When you purchase drugs off the black market, you have no idea what dosage you’re really getting and if the drug has been contaminated. Again- You. Are. Not. A. Science. Experiment. You deserve so much better care when considering your options. Additionally, what if your attempt to self-abort isn’t successful? Are you prepared to raise a child that could have physical limitations because your attempt to self-abort didn’t work?

You may think you don’t have the money for an abortion procedure or the abortion pill, so you think a DIY abortion is your only option. However, it truly isn’t. As we share in our Best Private Women’s Center in RI blog, “Our women’s center believes you deserve the absolute very best when you’re going through an unplanned pregnancy and exploring your options. We do not profit from any decision you make, so it’s easy to see why a non-profit women’s clinic that isn’t part of a chain has your best interest at heart.”

This means all of our services are FREE, including a pre-abortion screening to talk through your options and go over our Abortion Procedure in RI checklist items with you. Get started with your pre-abortion screening appointment today by scheduling here online!