Job interview shouldn’t be a scary, but does it scare you?  It shouldn’t, and we don’t want it to.

Jobs are very important and are definitely good to have, along with the money and experience that comes with a job.  So, I can see where the interview and first impression experience could be a bit frightening, but it doesn’t have to be!  Here are some tips for conquering your fears and rocking your next job interview:

Tip 1:  Prep your resume.  Make sure that your resume is up to date.  Seriously, this is to your benefit.  By updating your resume and showing off ALL of your past experience, you will have a greater chance at impressing the interviewer and possibly getting the job.

Tip 2:  Arrive early.  Again, this will impress and show that if you get the job, you will be on time.  Not to mention, interviewers don’t want their time wasted, and by showing up early, you will show that you respect their time.

Tip 3:  Do your research and ask questions.  This is key to any interview.  Do your research ahead of time and be sure to ask relevant questions.  I know I have said this many times before, but this will be impressive.

Lots of talk about impressing others, but isn’t that really what an interview is all about?  Good luck friends!  <3