Maybe the last thing you want to see is an ultrasound when you’re considering abortion options in RI, and that’s totally understandable.

However, did you know that up to half of pregnancies will end with a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)? An ultrasound administered by a licensed professional is the best way to see if your pregnancy is viable and progressing normally, or if it looks like your body is rejecting the pregnancy.

I have a friend who wrote a testimonial for her local non-profit women’s clinic. She was in college and following her dreams to graduate soon when she took several pregnancy tests, and they all had the same result—positive. Her boyfriend insisted that she find a place to get an abortion pill and “just take care of it.” She was terrified he’d break up with her if she didn’t find a place with RU-486, like he’d ordered her to do.

She had actually gone to her local non-profit clinic for a pre-abortion screening with every intention to abort the pregnancy as her next step. Because of an ultrasound, the medical staff was able to show her that even though she had a positive pregnancy test, the gestational sac was EMPTY, meaning the pregnancy was not viable.

Had she not gone through the pre-abortion screening process with that ultrasound, she would have had an abortion and paid for a procedure that she didn’t even need, without knowing that she was never going to carry that pregnancy to term anyway.

If you’re facing a similar situation, why should you have any doubts? We offer a pre-abortion screening at no-cost to you, so come find out more information and feel secure in your decision when looking for abortion options in RI. Schedule today!